Sunday, February 18, 2007

Throwing confetti(and random thoughts)


There is, at least, an international arbitrary standard for what’s cute. Think Tweety Bird. He’s cute. The wide eyes, the little nose and slightly pouty lips(yeah, Tweety has a beak, but we’re HUMANS). These features emanate the image of a baby. Think baby. Yeah. When we conjure the image of a baby, our brain gets confused that it would actually think that what we are seeing is a baby. Then, it would release hormones, nurturing, parental hormones, which makes you feel a sense of “responsibility” for the cute person. Then you would think like, “I wanna take care of her”. Then you fall in love. Or THINK you are in love.

When we are single, we try hard to reaffirm ourselves. We tell ourselves that we are great people and that there is nothing wrong with us. This is to counter what the society thinks---unfortunately, sometimes, they think one is inferior just because s/he is single as compared to those who are officially involved. And so we do a lot of extra things. We might engage in a new hobby, or sport, or just a new interest. In our hope of getting “attached”, we tend to advertise ourselves in the world. What we fail to see though, is that the more we become good at whatever we are doing, the more we become “unreachable’. This is based on the Theory of Reachability. The theory assumes that all pretty girls(yes, girls, since they are the one who get courted in the first place) have suitors. And we define “unreachable” as the girls who are smart, fun, have a lot of extra-curricular activities…those who are tagged as intimidating by the opposite sex. What I say is that the more the girl becomes reachable, the more chances of guys flocking on her. Of course, given the fact that a male’s pride is very fragile, one wouldn’t risk his pride—or self esteem at least--- to someone who is not likely to be “his” anyway. But still, there would be a handful that would really go for the girl no matter how unreachable she may be. And they’re the worthy ones.

When we know we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually beautiful, we tend to regard ourselves as “The Best”. And so we search for a potential partner, who has the qualities of The Best. In short, we search for The Best. We spend relentless efforts to finally find The Best, that when we see a prospect, we get to know him/her, realize that s/he is not enough, then drop him/her. We proceed to the next. In this continuous cycle of no-s/he’s-not-good-enough-for-me, we end up with nothing. Why? Because The Best doesn’t really exist.

*throws confetti*

I’m officially breaking up with lj and start anew with blogspot. Bam says it’s better here coz links are easily accessible.

*picks up confetti and starts throwing it all over again*