Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sleep close to me
Thunders are over.

We crumpled the sheets
We spilled the wine
We interchanged our perfumes

And now I’m feeling
A mixture of ceremony
And embarrassment.

But it doesn’t matter.
It’s now just you and me
And the smoke
Fragrant with orchids
When you exhale
And the foam of euphoria
Slowly filling my head

Sleep close to me
As I recall
Traveling the landscapes
Of your skin
Sniff the mist of
Dewy lavender
On your hair

Did I not tell you
That every breath you take
Weaves a rhythm of peace
Across towns
And skies and hearts?

Did I not tell you
That the faint fold
In the bed you leave
When you turn the other side
Is left with a glimmering
Essence of apology?

But I won’t tell you anything.

Sleep close to me, my love
I will not wake you up..
Remember, we’ve just
Been to Neverland.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

love. a choice.

i think, that love is a choice that one constantly has to make.

time and again we'll be confronted with realities that supercede understanding and compromise.
love vs home.
love vs family.
love vs friendship.
love vs career.


it's as if things are mutually exclusive.

so couples should learn to work to make things work.

they should constantly reaffirm that choice.
and stand by it.
fight for it.
live through it. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pretty disoriented.

Read: Pretty and disoriented. hehe.

Just came home from Manila, and Baguio and the 9th NDC. Oh well. We (Team C) did not make it till Octofinals but our team B (David and Tateen) went as far as semifinals. Making it til quarters was team B (Sam and Marj) and AdDU also had three speakers who got into top-ten-best-speakership. Top 6 yata si David, then top 5 si Sam, top 4 naman si Marj. (Hoot hoot!)

I feel so proud for the club. Andrew told me that the schools in NDC are already expecting AdDU to reach AT LEAST semis in most national tournaments. The 9th NDC was my first national tournament and I think I did okay naman. I gave it my all. That’s enough for me. And hey, I love debating. Win or lose. J

I met a lot of great people in NDC. Hahaha. Those whom I debated, ate, danced, and sang, got drunk with. Can’t wait for MPDC or Vismin. Or the next NDC.
And guess what, we won the bid. The 10th National Debate Championships will be held here in Davao City! Haha! At last! I won’t have to worry about funds regarding my not-last NDC


I feel so tired. I dunno why…but I took three baths since yesterday evening. I missed Davao so much. Here is the list of things I made sure I did during my first hour back here.

*hugged my family
*gulped a glass of Davao water
*overflowed the laundry baskets
*SMSed friends
*asked about AdDU HS training
*changed into comfy Davao clothes


I finally got hold of the paper which had my poem in it. (Sunstar Davao Oct. 21, 2007; Sunday) Boy, was I proud. My poem sat next to stories written by members of the Davao Writers Guild. :) The poem is Minatamis []. It is an “erotic poem” clothed with the metaphor of a plateful of the famous Filipino dessert, Minatamis.

My next goal is to go to Silliman. I’ll pass some of my poems to their National Writers Workshop---the biggest writing workshop in the country. The Silliman Writers Workshop is where Palanca awardees are bred. Besides, I can cross-train (debate!) with them Silliman debaters there too. :)


I have good vibes this coming sem. *wink wink*