Tuesday, October 30, 2007

love. a choice.

i think, that love is a choice that one constantly has to make.

time and again we'll be confronted with realities that supercede understanding and compromise.
love vs home.
love vs family.
love vs friendship.
love vs career.


it's as if things are mutually exclusive.

so couples should learn to work to make things work.

they should constantly reaffirm that choice.
and stand by it.
fight for it.
live through it. :)


Bam the Great said...

Hear, hear! :)

I can still recall our philo texting galore. Who needs Rola!? Haha!

Peppermint Streak said...

hahaha. WHO NEEDS ROLA?! tama jud. i should write an article entitled that sa BA na newsletter. hehehe

chonglee said...

U are right- love is a choice but usually the choice comes with love too cos there can be no home without love, no family without love, no friendship without love...
And yes - we need to totally live through it.

Anonymous said...


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