Sunday, July 15, 2007

As usual,
You are two hours late.

(I hope you haven't forgotten.)

And as usual,
I compose reasons for you

As if those would heal.
As if we can stay.

I haven’t heard
From you for a long time.
(I hope you haven't forgotten.)

Did you take care
Of my bonsai?
Did you keep
The withered roses
By the medicine cabinet?
Did you throw away
The tea bags I hid
Under the sink?

But okay,
Let’s get back
To fray.


Have you also forgotten
To love me today?
*Photograph by Red Agreda


Eden said...

Hmm...Nakikita kong one-way relationship lang nangyayari dyan. :) Or yung guy, yung maganda lang ang tinitignan niya sa babae and he's not ready to love everything about the girl. In short, di sila compatible.

Faye said...

edited yang pix karl? parang di na kas natural. hehe. i love it! sinu yan?

Avy said...

love the pic

tiLayLay said...

hahaha.. pabalikin mo na kasi si Mr.Hu-ever-mark-is dito sa davao para ma-meet na namin finally!=) hahaha...

bitch ka talaga!=)

redddddeee!! i love the pix! kinsa na?!hahah.

Peppermint Streak said...

i think si red to. :) nice kau iyang backbone noh? the best. hehehe

@telai: shet, miss ko na masyado uyab ko ba. dapat kasi nag up-dil nalang ako. magkatriplets na jud mi by now! hahaha!

Peppermint Streak said...

@eden: hehe kawawa naman, the male pa is the one who doesn't love the other dito. actually pwede rin naman babae. hehehe :) and yeah, i like the way you theorized...i understood where you're coming from kasi. the bonsai, the withered roses and the tea bags speak of the quirks/habits of the one who left the house.

it also paints an intimate relationship. and pain. "have you forgotten to love me today?" ansakit diba?

Bam said...

Hahaha! Bayot. Miss na kita. Haha! Eto na yung kabuuan ng tula mo? Ang ganda. :)

Peppermint Streak said...

char char char lang yan. ganda kasi ng picture. nakakainspire at nakakalungkot. :)