Friday, April 6, 2007

Teach Me

Teach me how to kiss
The kiss that would change my world
Seep through all of me
The kiss that would
Make my soul wander a bit
Make my heart lose itself a bit
Then bring me together again
As is I was whole
From the start.

Teach me how to hold
The hand that would save me
The arms that would catch me
Even when I drew them away

Teach me how to sleep
With no worries of tomorrow
With no sadness of yesterday
And no uncertainties of the present

Teach me to dream as if
The universe is mine
When I have you close
I could conquer time,
And solitude… and hurt…
When together we shine.

Teach me how to open my eyes
To see and not just look
To you as an open book
To see the eyes that encourages me
To be the one I’ve dreamt to be

Teach me to have faith
To believe in things I don’t see
To trust in precious treasures
Like the waters that never leave the sea
Like the wind that keeps the earth company
Especially with things that last
Like hearts as you
And hearts as me
Hearts as fast.

When all of these are done
I will be the only one
Who’s been taught too much
Of holding on,
Of dreaming,
Of believing,
And of loving..
Then maybe you can
Teach me how to die
To die with no regrets
To die knowing that with you,
I have loved the best.


tina said...

did you write this ? nice

Peppermint Streak said...

yes i did. naisip ko lang while i was washing the plates. hehehe..

ghee said...

nice poem :)

Peppermint Streak said...

thanks :)DO you write poetry too? send me some :)