Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't you just LOVE Davao?

The most livable city in the Philippines gets today's limelight.

My dad is a Cebuano, but he preferred to stay here in Davao for good. Dawn Zulueta loves it here too. She says everything is nearer, easier, more peaceful and it's cleaner. And did you know that the owner of Blugre is actually not a Davaoeño but he coerced his family to transfer here because he found a good business opportunity? They never knew anyone...then eventually, his family liked it here and decided to enjoy the rest that Davao has to offer.

They all say that Davao is the perfect blend of a high standard of living vis-a-vis low cost of living. Everything is just cheaper and more. Here, establishments are scattered---so that means you always have somewhere to go whether you're from Lanang or Toril.

And so...where do I go?

*COFFEE : Basti's brew. But i don't really have coffee when in coffee shops. i'm usually there for the cakes and tea. Choco caramel cake of Basti's is SINFULLY good.

*DATES : Picobello (pizza is dee-li-cious! atmosphere is breath-ly). Phil Eagle(let wild flowers do the talking). And my most-loved tandem, movie and arcade(nccc mall cinema house and timezone).

*BIZ MEETINGS: Marco Polo perhaps.. and Grand Regal hotel.

*HOTELS: I love Grand Regal..but if you're on a tight budget, Roadway Inn(Bajada) will sure give you high quality accomodation at very reasonable prices. I mean it. Cheapest rooms are at P350(approx)/night, and that means you get to flirt with the ref, aircon and breakfast. :)

*HANGING OUT : Basti's Brew victoria. This billiards/bowling/snack place in Nccc Mall.

*PARTYING : I don't really party..but.. can i come over at your place then? *winks*

*PIGGING OUT : I looooove the food in Khash Persian Kebab in Jacinto(across AdDU). Menu is diversed and gravy is addictive. KFC! Gravy is as addictive. :) Penong's is also cool. It has a native "feel".

*MASSAGE : I love getting a foot spa in Jojo Cahandig salon, across Gmall. Friends na kami ng salon people dun. Massage, i love the scalp massage in hair pavillion(it's actually free when you get a hot oil treatment). I don't really go for body massage...but i will soon.

*WORKING OUT : II don't really work out but i like Smashville's amenities. I play table tennis there often.

*WINDOW-SHOPPING: Chimes(because everything is so damn expensive!). haha

*CHEAP FINDS: Chinatown in Uyanguren! Ukay2 rocks! hahaha! Lachmi and other stores in San Pedro also have a wide variety of clothes, shoes, bags and even appliances at rock-bottom prices.

*GETTING AWAY FROM IT ALL: Phil Eagle(then again). Sto Niño Shrine in Shrine Hills Matina. Having dinner/beer/coffee while listening to piano and breathing in the city's incandescent lights? Jack's ridge is the place to be. and oh. speaking of getting away from it all...try my beau's place. I mean, get lost. ;)


Avy said...

hey, you're forgetting about Damosa Gateway.
It's already been approved as Davao's IT park.

btw, wanna make kwento about my crush, super ganda ng voice nya. at first i got so intimidated kasi her voice is so maganda and like I just sat there listening with my jaws konting bukas. while she was making turo turo to us the lessons. :D hihihi i sound so corny. *mais mais*

cash? *sweating* I think i need to sleep na. :D

Peppermint Streak said...

get lost! hahahah! talaga? iv heard about it(IT park) but ive never been there. is it where you work?

angelblush said...

Yup ukay2x rocks. Nyahaha. :P

Bam the Great said...

Wala ko nagets tong last part. Wahahaha! Naguguluhan ako. Get lost kasi ang bahay nila ay a few steps from the edge of the earth? hehehe..

Bitaw, I never knew the Gatchailans (Blugre people) were not from Davao talaga. Thanks for the info, bru! :)

Peppermint Streak said...

no they're not! hehehe di nila sinabi sayo?? *wink*

vk said...

wow ang nice naman sa mga sabi mo dito,,,,,thanks for sharing these very nice places and eating

nice naman ng buhay dyan ano?

i have not been in davao, hope we can visit davao someday....

have a nice weekend..........thanks for sharing these ha?:

Peppermint Streak said...

Sure VK. tell me if you're gonna visit davao. i'll gladly show you around...(And davao's bloody big!):)

Peter said...

Ano na kaya ginagawa nya sa Hell?

renz / renzy_benzy / Charlie Wonka Jr. said...

naku.. daig pa ng airport natin (davao) kesa mactan-cebu intl airport! mas sleek ang design ng airport natin kesa sa kanila.. hahaha imagine ang airbridge ng mactan, hindi aircon, open air tapos may ipis!

Peppermint Streak said...

Hahaha tama! panalo pa talaga ang Durian monument sa airport. i heard that was made by a REALLY good davao artist. :) ung may ari ng Ponce Suites. :)

i forgot the name....*scratches head*

pamela said...

hmm..dont mind this karl ha,

Jacqui said...

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