Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I was once shy

You Are 4% Shy

You aren't shy at all, in fact, you're probably quite outgoing.
You are comfortable in almost any social situation, no matter how difficult.

You Are Confident Sexy

You're one sexy chica, and you know it.
You've got the confidence to strut your stuff...
And approach any man who happens to catch your eye.
You may make a guys run away, but the true men will appreciate your moxie.

Oh well. *weird, big, sinister grin on the face*


I was once shy. I refused to raise my hand at class because even if i knew the answer, or even if i have something very relevant to say, i just can't. i simply can't.

I was once shy. My classmates used to tease me, and everytime the climax happens, i turn into Philippine Flag during times of war.

I was once shy. My knees would shake at the thought of saying "Hello my name is Karla" every first day of class.

I was once shy. That i refused to have my hair cut at salons just because. I ended up asking my dad to cut it so i suffered about a decade and two years of straight cut hair at whatever length i felt would look "best".

My shyness began to take a new form when i reached high school. I learned that people actually talk in front. And it happens a lot in high school. It funny coz i was really really talkative during my elementary years...teachers wouldn't know what seating arrangement would be best for me because i was really talkative. But I only talked to my seatmate/s. And that time, whoever my seatmate was, is my best friend.

I started being less shy when i found real friends. I mean, stable friends. The ones whom you have lunch with everyday and have shopping with every Saturday. The ones who will love you the first time you smelled arcade and the last time you talked about boys(did i say boys? okay, there is no last). I realized that the reason why i was shy before was the fear that nobody would care about what i will say. Why? Because I was sure not all of them cared for me. Hell, I didn't even have any stable friends.

My stable friends were my safety nets. They affirmed me and reaffirmed me. God, I love them. Since then, I wasn't shy anymore. I volunteer for a lot of stuff. In fact, I've become really---how you say?---socially active. I write for papers, I love class reporting, I debate in public, campaign for a politician and even flirt. And take note, this flirting takes off at five(six maybe?) different levels. Hehe. I kid. Bam's gonna arrest me for this. Of course, I act sensibly still. I don't wanna jeopardize my name---or the lack thereof, which inspires me to create one.

The survey's above? I say they're pretty accurate. :)


Avy said...


*insert huge question mark here*

Bam the Great said...

5 different levels!? Hah! MAHIYA KA NGA!

5 hundreds/thousand/millions. Hahaha!

Peppermint Streak said...

@avy: i AM shy. and the sahara desert has a glacier. :p

@Bam: hahahaha flirting? *flips hair* piece'a cake. :p

Peppermint Streak said...
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