Wednesday, May 9, 2007

kape tayo?

It’s amazing how coffee has become the latest "in" thing right now. Some only just went with the flow... some just wanted to also be "in" even if they didn't want coffee in the first place.

Making tambay in a famous---and expensive--- coffee shop (figaro, bo’s, basti’s, blugre, etc) has now become more of a social status symbol rather than just closing business deals or catching up with friends(which…err..can be done at some other places).

"Coffee" has also become the "ideal first date". This is because "coffee" is usually coupled with a lot of talk time and of course, pasta/pastry on the side. I think this is one of the easiest ways to assess whether your date is a high-maintenance one or not. It is also useful that the lighting in coffeeshops are a little dimmer than the usual fluorescent bulb. This actually makes your date look better(uh-huh). Dilated pupils, a little glow on the skin and a little shimmer on the hair. :) Neat. Slick neat.

The "pwede na" coffee shop usually has:

*coffee prices starting at P35/mug

*a wide range of beverage choices (coffee, shakes, tea, chocolate, even beer)

*cakes as tempting as one of the shop's waiters

*at least one couch

*a smoking and non smoking area

*mirrors or glass walls (everybody suddenly wants to be SEEN)


I remembered the days when my father still was a photographer at the city hall and "kape tayo?" just meant drinking 3in1 at Kusina Dabaw. Now, my dad, a senior manager, still says "kape tayo?", but when he tells me that, my mind suddenly paints the picture of Basti's brew Victoria, and of course, their orgasmic choco-caramel cake.


Bam the Great said...

Bru! KAPE TAYO!? hehe..

Peppermint Streak said...

Hahaha adik. sige let's try the new coffee shop sa banda inyo.

and i'd have to add. davao is a very "peaceful/soothing/relaxing" place which became the impetus for the coffee shop culture. and the lately booming spa culture.

coz what the hell, spas and coffee shops are EVERYWHERE!