Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Dissected Break-Up Speech

“See, I’ve been thinking about us lately..
--He’s telling you that you will be talking about your relationship

“and I feel like
--He wants to be heard first

“we should take a break.
--he pauses, then inspects your reaction. (deep breath optional)

“Things have been very hard for me
--you are thinking why he never talked to you about it

“and I don’t want them to be harder in the near future.
--he needs something convenient

“I don’t want you to be hurt more in the process
--he sounds as if he cares. Then you wait for his next phrase.

“that’s why I’m telling this to you now.
--he sounds as if he is actually doing you a favor.

“but don’t think that it’s your fault
--he assumes that you blame yourself but really, you are still in the process of digesting things

“it is mine actually
--he takes the blame for it. He expects you to say it’s not his fault

“I feel that I need space
--he doesn’t need you anymore

“in order to understand myself
--really now. Is this the first time?

“to find reasons in the things I do.
--he acts pitiful. He wants you to pity him.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling this way
--*blank stares* he is thinking of what to say next

“I loved you, I’m sure.
--he wants to reassure you that everything was real and reasonable

“but I can’t keep you waiting
--he reinforces that it is reasonable by assuming that waiting is such a bad thing to occur to anyone

“I don’t want to deny you of your freedom
--again, he makes it look as if he’s doing you a favor

“because I still care for you.
--he wants you to feel better to feel better about himself.


Anonymous said... i know.

Nigel said...

wahehehe... admittedly, tama jud..:p

Anonymous said...

that's such a painful break up speech.. u should know that whoever this was for, it would hurt her/him a lot.. that sucks.. tsk tsk.. i hope that person didnt read this

Peppermint Streak said...

well, this is not for someone. or for anyone. this is fiction. i write a lot of fiction. stuff you might not understand.

Anonymous said...

fiction based on REALITIES????

Peppermint Streak said...

try that for a definition of fiction. you obviously need it.

besides, i don't need to prove anything to someone who has a very confined "understanding" of art.

sueyacs said...

hi! thot id drop by here...
haha...ds post caught my attention...for the fact that it made me fil a lot more stupid..d lines are really familiar...cnt believe marami kami sa mundo...tanag..haha! Nyc blog pepper..Tc!

sueyacs said...

i meant tanga..hehe..

Anonymous said...

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