Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I have something to say.

I think, that something is just THERE to make things wrong. It is an implicit force driven to clothe intentions with wrong intentions, of kindness with deceit and of truth with fallacies.

It is a covering; like that of a kwek-kwek...thick, ugly and consuming.

It blurs our perceptions of people, moreover, it filters the good things that people give to us. It rearranges the sequence of sensitive events, those which break hearts, homes and institutions.

It is the reason why when one offers to help, one is usually accused of having motives, or of not helping enough. It is the reason why we always think twice if one says s/he love us ("i love you.." "really?") but we don't think twice when somebody tells us that s/he hates us ("i hate you").

It is always determined to make things wrong. It is an unseen enemy. Unsought. Unstoppable. Inevitable.


Tara said...

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Anonymous said...

it could be the "unconscious" side of the prson..

Peppermint Streak said...

so freudian. but really, things do not get misinterpreted. sometimes, things don't get interpreted at all. so somebody makes an entirely different thing and they call it an "understanding"

Avy said...

That's life.