Monday, June 11, 2007

Do you believe in Destiny?

First, I’d like to say that a person does not necessarily need a SPECIAL SOMEONE to be complete. It is embarked on our minds that a person needs to end up with someone or end up marrying just to be happy. The truth is, NO. Happiness is a choice. It is something that we all should be aware of.

We are all complete on our own. We don’t need to become a portion of a pair. If we feel we need somebody to complete us, then it assumes we are incomplete. That in itself is a problem. Feeling inadequate.

I believe that one of the main reasons why everybody wants to end up with somebody is that everybody wants a home. You know, to have somewhere to always run to when everything is gone. A home which has the picture of a loving husband, a pretty little wife who can cook well and adorable kids. And sure, I’d still want a home. I’d still want kids. But I can do so without a husband. I can have sex without kids and kids without sex.

Where does love take its place now? A person is all well capable of loving, and loving another individual. I do not deny this, because I loved and I am in love. Sometimes it’s about having the right person at the right place and at the right time. Sometimes it’s about status. Sometimes it’s about connections. We don’t really know, but we’ve gotta make it happen. Love is a choice, but being in love is not. It just haunts you and follows you and intoxicates you. And you'll like it that way.

So, to answer the question, (hehehe nagsermon pa!) I do not believe in destiny. It’s just an excuse in letting things happen instead of MAKING them happen. Destiny is the usual “scapegoat” when we don’t fully understand what happens AT THE BEGINNING AND AT THE END. But in between, it is all up to us…and what's "in between" is what actually counts the most. :)


Mariel Salvador said...

ooh lala. that topic. the only destiny i believe in is the "accident of birth". other than that, people around us and us ourselves -especially as we grow older - shape our lives. what we cannot control is honed or determined by nature (ie natural forces as weather etc) and really, other people.

pam said...

i too dont care much about destiny..or soul mates for that matter.
theres just soo many people in the world and u have to 'settle' for that one..hell no.
anyway im digressing.
great post.

Peppermint Streak said...

@ilsea: rex rola philo103 ko!!! omg!!!

@pam: hahaha! natawa ako dito. so simple yet so true. :) truth is we can settle but the problem ONE lang kaya?! hehehe! joke3x!

Avy said...

so much for being modern..

san mig tayo dyan..

Peppermint Streak said...

correction: san mig light :)

eden_cm45 said...

oo naman.maraming ways.yung lang naman eh, mas masaya kung may kasama ka. being happy alone is different from being happy with other people. Well, about destiny, I respect your point. we all think differently. that's all I can say! :)

Mariel Salvador said...

yes. he told me just after your first meeting.

sabi pa niya: "oi, sila karla students ko."

at ako'y napa "aaaawww".

Bam the Great said...

Wala akong masabi sa destiny. Hehe. Char au ka! :p