Tuesday, June 26, 2007

how weird is weird

Here is the list of top 10 weirdest things about me, and err, of course, why YOU love me so much. *wink*

1. I love the smell of paper. I smell receipts, quiz papers, newspapers, flyers, even cartolina! I dunno why, i really really love the smell of papers. My friends' eyes roll everytime i sniff every kind of paper that passes my hands. I especially love the smell of old books, newspaper and newly photocopied paper.

2. I cry easily because of a song, or a poem, or a TV commercial. But it's hard to cry in real life. Like, you know, if my current squeeze and I are on a fight or if my mom scolds me. Top tearjerkers: That's Why You Go by Michael Learns to Rock, Neruda poetry and some McDo commercials.

3. I read books halfway, then I forget about them, then read another book, then after a while I remember that I have a "unfinished" book so I go back to reading it again, albeit dizzy trying to recall the plot. Sometimes, I just read the whole book AGAIN.

4. I eat at least four cups of rice a day to maintain my weight. If I eat less than that for one straight week, I'd become Nicole Richie. My metabolism is so promiscuous.

5. I can't write straight news. I just can't. I've been writing feature essays since high school and lots and lots of poetry. Plus I have no plans of practicing. How the hell can I write straight news?! One time, I did a creative twist on my business paper, I was "scolded" in class. Tsk tsk.

6. My first dream was to become an astronaut. Or an astronomer. When I still didn't care whether I wore a panty or not, I'd coerce my parents to buy me books about space and heavenly bodies. My ninong---my lovable ninong---whom I haven't heard from for more than ten years thought that I still want to be an astronomer and last year he gave me a huge astronomical telescope. Won.der.ful!

7. I love tearing the skin off the sides of my fingers. It's a habit. An old habit. You know what they say about old habits. *sigh* Sometimes, they bleed. Which brings me to my next weirdness.

8. I love the taste of blood. I have my own share of blood everyday. I get it via my tooth. Hehehe. It's true, I love the taste of it. It has this fruity-salty taste and playful-salty smell which tickles a part of me.

9. I can be addicted to peppermint tea. I had been addicted to this. And I can go back to being addicted with it again. Especially now that I've found out that drinking peppermint tea will make your *bodily* juice smell like mint. *wink*

10. I'm in love with indie music. I dunno if this is really weird. I know we have preferences and this is simply mine. Mine. All mine. I'm falling for Meg and Dia and Feist.


Adobobo said...

Hear hear on the paper-smelling! I get that urge to sniff the spirit out of any paper I hold too. Sometimes, I even do it just out of curiosity. Mmm.

In the past, I used to take deep whiffs of my test papers before I answered them. It's somewhat of a ritual; helps me prepare myself for any quiz. Weird jud noh?

I don't know if entry no. 6 can qualify as weird. I think a lot of people have dreams of becoming an astronomer/astronaut. Only it seems like such a far-fetched idea here in the Philippines, 'cause we think only the really really rich and brainy can afford to take Astronomy.

But I have to say, nothing says weird more than your bloodlust. We're total opposites on that one!!!Blechhh! *makes a face like she just sucked on a lemon and sticks tongue out*

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm not a user of this site... but i googled "love smelling paper" today and your website popped up. i did it to prove to my friend that i am not the only in the world that loves smelling paper. i will sit for 10 minutes and smell the same piece of paper. my favorite by far is newly copied papers. everyone makes fun of me.

thanks for this though. i'm not the only one.

karlastefan2001@yahoo.com said...

@adobobo: hahaha! it is indeed bloodlust! i might have been a vampire in my past life! :)

@anonymous: let's build an undergroud club! *wink* hehehe

Faye said...

ako man din. lalo na ang freshly photocopied papers. :D adeeeek. haha