Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nice to know

WARNING: Things about to be read in this entry is made from the cluttered mind. Or the wandering mind. Or the lack of mind. Ah basta! The one who made these didn’t mind. They may not be suitable for people who actually read. Parental guidance is advised.


It’s fascinating to know that you know what people think they know without them knowing that you know that they don’t know what they think you don’t know.

And the preceding paragraph spells exactly the reason why I am smiling like a drunken hyena right now.

Gestalt psychology talks about people perceiving things as whole units. That when we see a “square” with broken lines, we would instinctively fill in the broken parts for it to become a square. It is also the reason why dancers SHOULD have a costume, why when we look at corridors we see the people passing by as people-passing-by and not as different individuals off to different ways. Maybe it’s because looking at people is easier if you look at them as one group. I mean, we only have two eyes, duh. Oh-kay. Enough of the char. It’s just like gossip. When somebody hears something so juicy but quite incomplete, s/he would fill it in and draw conclusions from it. Then voila! You got a whole pitcher of brand-spanking-new slander. It’s WHOLE now. Of course, they wouldn’t want an incomplete thing to gossip about. They wouldn’t want to appear in-credible! Amusing. They should win Palanca. *grunts*

Anyway. I am currently in the stage of falling in love with my course(BA Mktg). Before, I used to hammer myself with thoughts about shifting, or about graduating as soon as possible and work, or about just quitting school and work full time on my previous employer. I especially needed lots and lots of vodka when I took my first look on my print out. I will have 6 units of Financial Management. The risk-return-stock-price-fluctuation thingy. Grr. It even involves formulas which I think were made before there was the Ten Commandments. Andami! My gosh!

And one more thing, I really can’t get along with the calculator. Everytime I face it (especially for Finance), love isn’t an option. I can’t think of any positive word, my brain cells just rally and I feel like stabbing myself with a brass protractor.

But now, I’m learning to love it, you know, embracing my calculator to sleep…participating in the two-hour-thrice-a-week class…stroking my scalp with the fact that this hell is only gonna be for five months. (Yes, honey, I’m not failing again. I’ve slapped myself a million times. Some people also helped in the slapping. Haha.)

Syangapala, I have this immediate need to gain mass and have longer hair. So help me Goddess.


Bam the Great said...

Oi bruha1 Grabeh. Hindi ko na to ma-explain. Your post is somewhat connected with my latest post. Shocks. I miss the old times. Y'know. Yung natatapos natin sentence ng isa't isa. Telepathy na ba yung matatwag? Hehe. Bitaw, school is killing me now. Grabe. Makabuang talaga. Konting tiis na lang. Lapit na tayo mag4th year. Haha!

Avy said...

yeah i know you know what i know, i think so.

it's funny, how a person doesn't look like she's into numbers and stuff pero is good at it. :P *like me, hahahahm which is why i like math*

being silent, IS therapy. :P


eden said...

Nice thoughts! Parang na-miss ko yata yun nung mag-Psyche kami. :) Buti na lang hindi mo naisip mag-shift, ang daming nagpaplanong lumipat. Sayang naman ang time. Hehe

Peppermint Streak said...

hay, tulungan nyo naman ako. i need longer hair na talaga.. NEED is the operating word. chaka! hehehe!

@avy: i was best in math from the time i wore my first ID til grade three by the way. hehehe!

@bam: cheers to that. ggraduate ako by 19! :)

@eden: hay naku. prudential scholar ako kaya i can't shift. pero okay naman kami ng course ko. hehe i've just observed that i wont want a full time job anyway, and i'm confident na makakahanap ako ng mapapasukan even if i won't graduate. but i'm not wishing ha! kasi naman po, marunong ako mag manucure, magpedicure, magbungkal ng kanal, magmasahe and gardening! hehehe!