Friday, June 20, 2008

Loving-Hating my Job

Yesterday, I was so fed up with my job. I reached a point when I was about give up and just text my boss and say "Hey, I'm quitting, AGAIN." However, I did not. I need the money for my debate tournaments. Lol.

For the first time, I ran out of things to say for my last article due yesterday. I even passed ten minutes after the daily deadline. I was just full of it. And writing for the same topic for a week...Man, twas mind-numbing. But it's paying well, so, again, LOL.


My mom got us a new labandera yesterday. Her name is Ate Bebeng. Curious,

"Ma, pila imong bayad kay ate bebeng? Di ba si ate Angie (our ex labandera who flew to Manila) kay P250 a day?"
(Ma, how much do you pay ate Bebeng? You paid ate Angie P250 a day, right?)

"P2000 a month."

"Wow! Daku-a uy!"
(Wow! That's too much!)

"She comes over thrice a week. Si Angie once a week lang so I pay her daily."

I was just quiet. In my mind, it was too much for a labandera. I mean, we should've just employed a full-time all-around helper and give her the same. *blows hair up* That way, I don't have to wash the dishes.

And then, after a few hours, I thought about this conversation. I realized that I shouldn't complain because I have a better job. It pays more and demands less. Sure, it gets hard at times, but it's a job I love---writing. After that realization, I decided to embrace my job, not because it's not so hard after all, but because it funds my debate career.

So once again, LOL.

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