Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On being 19 and Feeling the Pinch

Yesterday, after I received my manifestation of economic independence (aka salary), I rode a jeepney back to AdDU. I overheard the driver's conversation with his dispatcher. I learned that because the oil prices compete with skycrapers, he is now earning just P80 a day. Imagine?! P80 a day! And he said that's only if he doesn't eat! My, that's alarming!

Also, I've noticed that the diesel increased P1.50 again. *makes sign of the cross*


My mother recently told me that I should really get an umbrella. At first, I was okay with SPF20 and taking the cab when it rains. Now, the temperature is turning extreme! If it's not very hot, it's very cold or near-stormy. Plus, the hot-ness is not the normal Davao midday hotness. It's almost like Cebu. It makes you feel sticky and annoyed. *blows hair up*


My Economics teacher DENIED that the PPF (Production Possibility Frontier) follows a concave curve. She also got pissed off when my friend, told her that the PPF is actually best illustrated through the curve. According to her, because the equation is linear, the graph should also manifest a STRAIGHT LINE! Well, actually, the examples she gave (wine and cheese, rice and corn) should be represented by the curve because they are not similar products! What's really annoying is that she really stood by WHAT HER VISUAL AID SAID. Straight line can only be used if there is a toss-up between two very, very similar products. However, similar products do not illustrate opportunity cost very well. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.)

Darn, she doesn't know about the subject matter very well. And it's just basic economics ha! To top off, she doesn't even know how to deal with (smart) students! Tsktsk. This country THIRSTS FOR better teachers.


Someone I just met asked me if I'm already a college senior. I said yes. After that, he asked me if I'm 20 or 21. I exclaimed,

"No! I'm just 18!"
*awkward 5-second silence*
"I mean, 19! I'm turning 19...this September."
He smiled.

And then in that magical moment, I realized...that I'm turning 19. 19. 19. 19. 19. 19.
Like a torture-echo.

Somehow I couldn't return the smile.


Aux Zero said...

And since you're earning, you'll start realizing that every centavo is worth something. :p

I'm not even loving the weather right now. Haayy.

Isn't it sad when you come to a certain point about realizing that you're getting older. :p And that someone would just have to slap you and remind you about it.

Kenn said...


It should be concave-- long explanation.

HAHAHA. Karla, you should go here. You will experience super-hot, super-humid and super-rainy in a five minute span. I PROMISE YOU. :S